G.Race Dialogues - The Event

Human understanding requires great artistry; the touch of the artist may be light, but it is sure. This is one of the reasons why conversation and good talk are of such immense value.
— Howard Thurman, Deep Is the Hunger

Honest content. Intentional connections. Courageous conversations.

This day long-training event is an opportunity to show up, to engage and learn something new. Through honest content, courageous conversations and intentional connections, our goal through this day-long training is that you would be equipped with language and resources to engage conversations on race with thoughtfulness. Our vision is also that you would be inspired to name and dismantle racism in every area of your life. We work towards this by establishing a gracious space where no matter your background, you're welcome at the table.

Registration opens on July 5th, 2017 for the next G.Race Dialogues. 

Interested in hosting a G.Race Dialogues for your community?

Email hello@gracedialogues.com.

"As a young, white, female teacher, I attended Grace Dialogues for the first time to learn more about how to relate to my students and friends of color. What I got from it was so much more than that. Not only was I equipped to be able to have tough conversations about race, ethnicity, gender and the intersectionality of all of those things to make up our identity with my students, family and friends, but I learned so much about myself, my privilege, and the ways that I unintentionally have contributed to systematic injustice. Grace Dialogues gave me the vocabulary and confidence to be able to enter into conversations that I was too afraid of to enter into before. I was too afraid to say the wrong thing but now I am more afraid of what will happen if people do not start to have these conversations. Grace Dialogues opened up a world of depth with my students, house church and family."
 - Lauren Nichols

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