Race needs a dialogue. Reconciliation needs a plan. 

G.Race Dialogues exists to serve compassionate and influential communities and teams. G.Race Strategic Planning is a unique offering that provides your executive leadership with the support, guidance and resources that you need to engage racial healing in a meaningful, context-specific way. Many people think that racism and racial brokenness are issues of the past, but statistics + stories show that is not the case. 

G.Race Strategic Planning is an opportunity for an expert consulting team, external to your organization, to join you in leveraging diversity to reach fulfill your unique mission and goals. It is also an opportunity to join in the work of making all things new. 

Why Strategic Planning?

An ancient proverb reads that where there is no vision, the people perish. When we cannot envision a diverse, racially whole, multi-ethnic future, then we are paralyzed to pursue that vision. By creating a strategic plan, you are stating before your community that this is a top priority for you. It also demonstrates to the leaders of color in your midst that you are serious about engaging with and responding to their story.

View our partner organization's  journey with G.Race Dialogues:

Ignoring race doesn’t make it go away, and ignoring race does not honor the dignity of God’s diverse people.
— Bethaney Wilkinson, Founder

The G.Race Strategic Planning Process


Through interviews, visiting with your congregation or organization and through meetings with the leadership of your church or organization, our team will assess the challenges and opportunities for leveraging diversity + multi ethnicity within your community.



Following the Assessment, we will create a plan for deeper racial reconciliation + racial equity engagement specific to your community. The plan implementation timeline will vary based on the church or organization.


This is the final phase of the strategic planning process during with we will present to your leadership team the findings of your assessment and the recommended plan for progress. Our team will be available post-planning process for further engagement on a retainer basis.