Definitions - Audio Session

Definitions - Audio Session

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Are you looking for basic definitions to orient you to conversations on race? If so, this is the download for you. 

We unpack the most basic language on race, ethnicity, stereotyping, discrimination and more. For those of us who feel overwhelmed by the topic at large, and for those of us leading others in the work of reconciliation, establishing common language is key. Download this audio and its accompanying worksheet to make the most of this learning opportunity.

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This session is one of two talks given during the day-long G.Race Dialogues training. In it, we work through basic definitions related to race and social justice work to help you establish common language with others on racial reconciliation journeys! 

Download this audio if you are looking for a sample of the G.Race Dialogues experience! It can also serve as supplemental training material for your reconciling community.