Want to Host a Dialogue Workshop in your community?

Our vision is to come alongside communities who are grappling with the challenges of building multi-ethnic community. These challenges include everything from diversifying leadership teams to responding to pressing racial tensions and crises. Our workshops are most effective when there are teams internal to the organization who are laying the groundwork for transformation.

We don't have all of the answers, but create an environment for honest content, intentional connections and courageous conversations. If you think your community could be a good fit for this work, or if you're community is looking for a good next step in your reconciliation work, follow the three steps below.


1. Build a Host Team.


Host Teams are reconciliation advocates.

As a host team, your job is to invite your larger organization on a journey. Host teams can be any size, but we recommend that there are at least three people on it. If you don't have at least three people on your team yet - three people who are committed to pioneering this work in your context - then spend some time finding those people. Community is essential.

"G.Race Dialogues was a very productive vehicle to exercise empathy and increase my capacity for understanding. It was helpful having a structured environment to thoughtfully engage with people and share experiences rather than talk in circles from a very high level over a complex issue."
- 2017 Dialogue Attendee

2. Connect with Your Leaders.


Are the leaders in your church or organization on board with this work of reconciliation? Have there been prior conversations in your community related to race and justice? Do your leaders need more information to move forward?

The second step in preparing to host a dialogue is to connect with your leaders. This can be your staff, your board of directors, or the primary people shaping the vision and direction of your organization. Leadership buy-in, and ultimately their commitment to this work, is essential for long-term success. 



3. Invite Our Team to the Table.


The last step in hosting a dialogue is to let us know that you're ready to parter with us. 

Fill out the form and we'll set up a time to talk through your context and goals for hosting a dialogue. We look forward to hearing from you!

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