We build racial reconciliation capacity in compassionate + influential communities.


Our Story

G.Race Dialogues was born out of a specific church’s journey towards racial healing and reconciliation. In 2012, Founder, Bethaney Wilkinson joined the team at Grace Midtown Church as apprentice with a focus on local mission. As a part of that role, she learned with time that even our best intentions come up short when it comes to navigating the complexities of mission and community across lines of racial and socio-economic difference. She realized that resourcing her church’s congregants in the work of race, local mission and biblical justice was of increasing importance as it related to the church’s mission to be a blessing in the city of Atlanta.

In the midst of Bethaney’s stirrings, the lead pastors at Grace Midtown Church, Matt and Margaret Reynolds, were also growing in their awareness of the need for deep racial healing. As headline after headline reported brutality towards men + women of color around the country, they felt the compassionate, righteous need to respond. Through relationship, as the church continued to grow in diversity, the pain of racial brokenness experienced by people of color in the congregation began to resonate with white congregants in profound ways. 

In response to this convergence of brokenness, cross-cultural proximity and the felt need for more understanding across racial + ethnic lines, G.Race Dialogues was born. Since its beginning, over 150 people have attended a G.Race Dialogues training. We have added G.Race Groups and G.Race Strategic Planning to add breadth and depth to our work with those who complete the day-long intensive. 

“Race needs a dialogue. Grace sets the stage.”

— Bethaney Wilkinson, FOUNDER


Our vision is to see communities thrive in their reconciliation work and in their goals of compassion + influence. As such, we not only provide training, coaching and strategic planning, but 15% of every dollar that comes into the organization is contributed to a fund that helps fuel reconciliation and justice work in churches and faith-based organizations. As the fund grows, we will be able to help cover the costs of adding staff members to churches + organizations, and of providing reconciliation-based resources + experiences to leaders. Your attending a G.Race Dialogues Event does so much more than equip you for the journey. It's an opportunity to financially contribute to the reconciliation work of others. 

Our Model


Our Mission


Our mission is to build racial reconciliation capacity in compassionate and influential communities. We serve individuals and teams. Many people are working for more racial healing and justice in their families, communities and organizations. It is our desire as G.Race Dialogues to come alongside that work with content, relationships and strategy that will move the work forward in lasting and energizing ways. 



Among White Americans, 91% of the people comprising their social networks are also White. After decades of social change, why are racial groups still so homogenous?

1 in 7

This is the number of bi-racial or multi-racial babies who were born in 2015, nearly triple the share in 1980. Our communities are more diverse everyday; do we know how to celebrate it? 


65% of Black Americans say “it is a lot more difficult to be black in this country than it is to be white.” Fewer than half as many whites (27%) agree. Why is there such a disconnect in how various races perceive their experiences?


The next G.Race Dialogues training intensive is in Monroe, GA on Saturday, October 21st. Registration is open! 

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Want to take your next step in the racial reconciliation journey? 

If you're interested in taking the next steps in your racial reconciliation journey, or if you are a part of a community working to figure out what racial healing work means for you, we'd love to hear your story! Email us at hello@gracedialogues.com and we'll set up a time to talk!

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