G.Race Groups

G.Race Groups provide context-specific coaching, mentorship and guidance for individuals within churches and organizations who are looking to grow their personal racial reconciliation capacity. These groups meet weekly for 6 weeks with personal, one-on-one touch points throughout the G.Race Group Session. 

G.Race Groups Launch Fall 2017.

Click Here for a Sample G.Race Group Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does this look like? Following G.Race Dialogues - The Event, applications will open to be assigned to a G.Race Group. Spots are limited, but if you aren't selected for this first round of mentorship, your application will be rolled over to the next group.

Do I have to live in Atlanta to be in G.Race Group? No, you don't! Our weekly meetings will happen online through the web platform Zoom. It's not quite the same as meeting in person, but this will allow more of us to journey together without the limitations of schedules and traffic.

How much does being in G.Race Group Cost? The 6-Week Mentoring Experience is $150. Discounts, Support-Raising, and payment plans are available. This $150 gets you all the needed materials, personal mentoring with our G.Race Dialogues Team, regular access to your G.Race Group leader, and a personalized post-group strategic plan for continuing your reconciliation journey. 

When do applications open for G.Race Groups Fall 2017? Applications open on Sunday, September 24th, 2017. 


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
— An African Proverb