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As a Dialogue Sponsor, you have the opportunity to financially support a community's reconciliation journey. As our team receives invitations to host dialogues, they are asked to consider their budget to help cover the costs. If communities or organizations do not have the funds to make a dialogue happen, you as a sponsor can underwrite their costs. Funding is an essential part of this work and we welcome dialogue sponsors to the table!

Donating to the Sponsorship Fund is different from making a General Donation. General Donations go to the overall growth and capacity-building of the Grace Dialogues organization. Sponsorship Funds will be set aside specifically as scholarship to help organizations bring the dialogue to their community.

If you have questions about sponsoring a dialogue, complete the form below. 

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** Grace Dialogues is a Certified Charitable Organization in the State of Georgia. Confirmation of our Charitable Organization Status is available upon request.

Email hello@gracedialogues.com for more information.